Starting a project

Starting a project often begins with a conversation. It’s likely that we are already having that conversation but if not, please hit the envelope icon in the header after absorbing the information on this page if you’d like to talk more about creating something awesome together.

During our conversation we will discuss what is needed from your project.

  • The kind of illustration you have in mind.
  • Any specific props, poses, themes you would like featured.
  • The kind of mediums you would produce your new illustration on.

The artwork will be produced primarily in Adobe Photoshop. The live photoshop file will be supplied in the final files, but the high resolution PNG will be the most advisable format to use in any production. If you have any specific companies in mind for products please check with them that PNG or PSD files are ok for use in their processes.

In order to secure a start date for a project then 50% of the project total is required. This deposit is non-refundable as it secures the date and effects availability. 

Once all the details for the illustration have been provided and the deposit has been received then we are all set for the project start date. Onto what to expect from the phases!

phase one: the sketch

The first proof you receive will be a sketched out sample of your new illustration.  This is the perfect opportunity to review the overall look of the artwork in the broadest strokes. Focussing on these main points:

  • The pose.
  • The attire.
  • The props.

This will be the only opportunity to change the over all pose so be sure you are happy with the direction the character is facing and the limb positions before giving the OK to move to the next phase.

phase two: the line art

Once you are happy with the character sketch phase it’s time to clean up the lines. Moving from rough sketch to the black line art.
During this phase you have a chance to utilise the two minor changes if necessary. These changes can be things such as:

  • Adding, amending or removing props.
  • Changing the facial expression
  • Moving a limb position to a new angle.

If you have not changed the overall pose in Phase One you will still be able to utilise the major change with something like a full wardrobe change. Amending the attire of the character. This change will take the project back to Phase One.

When you are happy with the line art there will be a chance to talk about the overall colour for the next phase.

phase three: full colour

This is the final phase of the project before receiving the files.

Once you have received the full colour proof you will have an opportunity to look over the colours and use any remaining minor amends.

Once this is given the OK and the final balance has been received you will be sent the illustration in a few formats.

  • The original Photoshop document.
  • A high resolution PNG
  • A high fidelity traced vector version of the artwork.
  • A written acknowledgement that you are the owner of the full artistic rights to the image.

This will conclude the project and you will be able to begin using your new artwork however you wish.

Additional Changes.

During the project you will be allowed one major amend and two minor amends at no additional cost to the project. If you would like to discuss further changes during the course of the project then that option will be available to you. There are currently fixed rates for additional major and minor amends, if you would like to know them ahead of time please do not hesitate to enquire.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me through social media or by hitting the envelope icon to send me an email.