What. Is. Up! I am so pleased you’re here.

This has been a long time coming and I am both nervous and excited to be finally cutting the ribbon on the HIWEZ Squadron.

With that said it’s in its humble infancy right now so the ribbon’s cut and you’ve walked into a large; mostly empty hall for the moment. Your welcome pack will be in the post and the hall won’t be so empty for long so go to the imaginary finger food table and grab some snacks, enjoy the pre-party peace and quiet and we’ll get this illustration bonanza started.

Some of the first projects that will be available include:
– A vote-based Tactical Teddies® web comic.
– Sneak previews of the Tiny Hats patches during their development.
– A card game I made a few years back being re-skinned for Tactical Teddies®.

These are all in the pipeline right now and I would love to hear if there’s any projects you would like to see or hear about. Or if you have any burning questions about the process of illustration or what goes on at HIWEZ HQ. If I can answer them then I will!

In the meantime I’ll see you over at the HIWEZ Squadron facebook group for the first live soon!

Stay awesome, stay furry and thank you for being here!

Hiwez, out!

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